Orte der Farbe – Locations of Color




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The interdisciplinary conference "Orte der Farbe – Locations of Color," hosted by the RWTH Faculty of Architecture between November 25 and 27, presents an exemplary selection of different positions in science, art, and architecture and thus provides a platform for reflection and discussion. RWTH Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg and the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Professor Alexander Markschies, will give welcome addresses.


A central task of architecture is the purposeful establishment and alignment of spaces at certain locations. In the mutual relationship between architectural forms and spaces and outer and inner conditionalities, color in particular is of special significance.

The phenomenon of color generates its effect as an interaction between subject, matter, space, light, and time, independent from its definition and origin. There is no place without color. In this context, a place can be a point on a surface or comprise the tangible connectedness of a landscape. “Places of Color” can include surfaces, fabrics and materials, things or entities, or details such as walls, ceilings, panels, openings such as windows and doors, and nooks – in other words: any conceivable spatial situation.

For further information and a conference program, please refer to the conference website Orte der Farbe (de).