Presentation of the 2015 Friedrich Wilhelm Awards


RWTH Aachen honored 25 students, doctoral candidates, and post-docs with the 2015 Friedrich Wilhelm Prize. The honor is annually awarded to RWTH Aachen students and researchers for their outstanding achievements. The award ceremony took place during a celebration event at the University.

  RWTH-Rektor Ernst Schmachtenberg presented the Friedrich Wilhelm Award 2015 to outstanding early-career researchers Copyright: © Martin Lux RWTH-Rektor Ernst Schmachtenberg presented the Friedrich Wilhelm Awards 2015 to outstanding early-career researchers

The Friedrich Wilhem Award is awarded by the foundation of the same name, which was founded in 1865 by the predecessor of the current Aachener und Münchener Beteiligungs-gesellschaft. Its central purpose is to promote research and teaching at RWTH Aachen and to support students and scientists.

The name of the foundation refers to the Prussian crown prince and later Emperor Friedrich Wilhelm III. In 1858 he receive a donation of 5000 thalers from the Aachener und Münchener Feuerversicherungsgesellschaft, in order to start a polytechnical institute in the Rhein province. This donation formed the foundation for the later established Friedrich Wilhelm Foundation, which then created the basis for RWTH Aachen University.

This year, twelve Master's theses, eleven dissertations, and two postdoctoral theses (habilitations) received the award.

The 2015 award recipients are Sebastian Nikolas Goderbauer, Svenja Schalthöfer, Dr. Volker Ludwig Deringer, Alia Hassan Ali Hassan Mortada, Julian Firk, Helena Caroline Kerkhoff, Dr. Annika Radermacher, Dr. Andreas Schacht, Jan Brinker, Dr. Philipp Pischke, Dr. Wilhelm Steinmann, Michael Rothmann, Daniel Schäfer, Dr. Wenwen Song, PD Dr. Guillaume Desbois, Patrick Larscheid, Thomas Pütz, Dr. Gholamreza Alirezaei, Dr. Denise Nadine Stephan, Karl Sebastian Nagel, Tim Moritz Höfer, Dr. Giovanni Saverio Sorda, Dr. Peter Maria Quadflieg, Dr. Kevin Jasper Schulte, and PD Dr. med. Jochen Grommes.