RWTH Contributes to DUETT Research Project




Marco Günther



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Collaborative project funded by the European Regional Development Fund


RWTH Aachen University collaborated with four companies from North Rhine-Westphalia in the research project "Diesel Hybrid Vehicles for Environmentally Conscious Mobility: Internconnected System Development in Physical and Virtual Environments," DUETT for short.

The aim of the project was to leverage and integrate the progress made in recent years in the areas of digitalization, real-time systems, and automotive test bench systems. The joint activities centered around the P2 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, as it uses the present and future propulsion components in combination: the combustion engine, the electric motor, and the traction battery. A key goal was to analyze the interaction between these components. A demonstration platform was implemented at the RWTH Center for Mobile Propulsion.

The project has been supported with 1.9 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund since 2017. The involved companies were BatterieIngenieure GmbH, Aachen; dSPACE digital signal processing and control engineering GmbH, Paderborn; DENSO Automotive Deutschland GmbH, Wegberg; and Ford Werke GmbH’s Research & Innovation Center Aachen.