Applied Geography Media Library


Further research - get a realistic impression - discover scientific approaches - obtain additional information about your subjects! Here are our recommendations for the literary and linguistic studies field. Please note that these resources are in German.


Applied Geography in the media


What are Geographers concerned about?

Prospective students can learn about what geographers discuss, what occupies their time, and what they concentrate on in these entertaining and lively resources.

Diskussionsforum Geographie - Current and controversial issues in geography

entgrenzt - Student newspaper on geographic affairs

Geographie-Blog by Simon Argus and Steffen Hirth


Interesting information for bookworms

RWTH Aachen University Library also offers books on loan to prospective students. The following books are recommended for prospective students of Applied Geography:

  • Borsdorf, Axel: Geographisch denken und wissenschaftlich arbeiten
    - An introduction to geography and study techniques from the Perthes Geographiekolleg
  • Gebhardt, Hans: Geographie: Physische Geographie und Humangeographie

What can I expect after finishing my degree?

The following brochures illustrate the variety of professional possibilities:

Tätigkeitsfelder für Geographen - a reader from the University of Heidelberg
Arbeitsmarkt für Geografen - a publication from the Wissenschaftsladen

Pictures and other sources are available on the Federal Employment Agency's website for career profiles:

Geographin oder Geograph
Wirtschaftsgeographien oder Wirtschaftsgeograph


Two job databases offer a good overview of current job postings, which can also help prospective students with their decision:



Other insights into Geography

Info Sheets and Research Materials for Pupils in Higher Classes, that is Oberstufenschülerinnen and -schüler are sorted by topic and can be found on the webpage Klett-Terrasse.

The WEBGEO eLearning Portal der Uni Freiburg offers short, comprehensive learning units that provide a glance at geography before you begin your studies.


Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geographie offers interesting information about university studies under "Studium und Fortbildung.“

Die Vertretung deutscher Geographiestudenten offers a lively glance into university studies and student activities and positions. The journal "entgrenzt," see above, is worth a read.

Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft 9R-Institute offers lots of information about diving into current topic areas under the section "Themen."