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Under the motto “Shaping Urban Change – Livable City Regions for the 21st Century,” the 25th International Conference on Urban Development “REAL CORP 2020” will take place in Aachen from September 15 to 18, 2020.


Organized by the Chair and Institute for Urban Design of RWTH Aachen University led by Professor Christa Reicher, the conference will be held mostly as a virtual event with some events offered on campus. The NRW Ministry for Regional Identity, Communities and Local Government, Building and Gender Equality is supporting the conference.

Cities and regions are growing and developing in a highly dynamic manner. Urban planners are facing similar issues worldwide: How can the urban population’s quality of life be ensured despite high density? How do cities become more resilient to natural disasters? How can sustainable mobility be achieved, and how do large cities and their surrounding areas interact? REAL CORP 2020 aims to discuss strategies and concepts for future city development amid the conditions created by climate change by utilizing both energy-saving technologies and fossil fuels in order to shape this transformation.

The conference will include several public sessions, including “Transformation von Braunkohleregionen: Das Rheinische Revier und die Lausitz,” on Tuesday, September 15, “Transformation – über die nationalen Grenzen hinweg” on Wednesday, September 16, and its sub-session “Nachhaltige Energiesysteme im Quartier,” on Thursday, September 17 – both from 6 to 7:30pm. These sessions are available in German or English. Click here to join the live stream and choose your language.

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