RWTH to Host Flood Protection Conference


In January 2016, the 46th International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering Aachen will take place in Aachen. This year, the conference has a focus on the topic of flood protection.


Mobile or not mobile – this is the question addressed by engineers and scientists in the fields of hydraulic engineering and water resources management at the 46th International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering (IWASA), scheduled to take place from January 7 to 8, 2016.

The conference, which is organized by the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management at RWTH Aachen, has established itself in professional circles as a place to meet, learn, and discuss current research.

About 400 participants are expected to attend the conference, which takes place at the AGIT Technology Center at Europaplatz, Aachen. Companies are offered the possibility to present themselves in the foyer.

Focus on Flood Protection

Flooding poses great challenges again and again. After the flooding catastrophes in 1999 on the Oder and 2002 at the Elbe river, the assumption was that the next catastrophe would take place far in the future. However, the next "centenary" flood came just just ten years later in 2013. In some places there hadn't even been enough time to implement planned measures for flood protection. The topic of flooding thus remains permanently current and should be treated as such in both practice and research. It is important to learn from experiences and to implement flood protection measures in accordance with flood risk management. It is also important to continue to communicate with the public about flooding.

Flood protection consists of various components including both technical flood protection, flood precautions, dissemination of information, land precautions, and risk precautions. The 46th ISAWAS will intentionally focus on flood protection and other important topics about flood risk management will be discussed on the side.

A number of new developments arose from the experiences of the last flood. These developments will be presented and discussed at IWASA, focusing on mobile and immobile flood protection; ecological flood protection; and communication.

The event will be held at the Technologiezentrum am Europaplatz Aachen (AGIT). Registration in advance is not required. Participation is free of charge, thanks to the generous support from the NRW Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection; the proRWTH association; and the IWW support association.