JARA Lecture on Intelligent Materials




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As part of the lecture series on JARA, the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance, a lecture will be given on Tuesday, January 12, 2016, titled "JARA-SOFT: From Jellyfish and Diapers to Microsponges for Medicine and Technology."


Professor Walter Richtering from the Institute of Physical Chemistry at RWTH Aachen will provide an overview of current research on so-called microgels. These sponge-like structures, which are only a few micrometers in size, are highly sensitive to environmental changes, to which they adapt by shrinking or swelling. This opens up a number of exciting and surprising applications in everyday situations as well as for industrial purposes.

The lecture is scheduled to take place at 6:30pm in the Ford Hall, SuperC Building, Templergraben 57.

Entrance is free of charge; registration is not required. Please note that the lecture will be given in German.