Onwards with Courage and Communication


Graduates were bid farewell at the Day of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

  Copyright: © Thomas Pössinger/IWE The RWTH Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology bade farewell to the graduates of the 2015 academic year.

"You have to take responsibility, or, in other words: Have the courage to give your opinions when decisions are taken.” In his farewell address to this year’s graduates of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Professor Heinrich Kurz encouraged the young academics not to be intimidated by future professional challenges.

Furthermore, he advised the graduates to be critical of the excesses of a digital society: “Focus on what is essential!” He did not only congratulate the graduates for their achievement, but also the Faculty for producing interesting, dynamic young people, and no know-it-alls.

As every year, the graduation celebration took place on the Day of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, which provided an adequate backdrop for the festive event. In the past academic year,722 students successfully completed their graduate degree and doctoral programs at the Faculty.

The Faculty emphasizes the significance of the event – as Professor Wilfried Mokwa explains, ”for us it is important to adequately celebrate the completion of a demanding course of study together with the graduates’ parents, their friends, and also with our professors and instructors – in short, with the entire ‘family.’” Furthermore, the Faculty seeks to stay in touch with its graduates and strengthen the network of alumni.

The value of such relations became evident during the award ceremony of the prizes conferred by industrial partners for the best Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral theses. Several former graduates came back to RWTH Aachen as laudatory speakers.

Awarded prizes included the Rohde & Schwarz Award, the MATLAB Team Award, the Siemens Master Award, the Robert Bosch Prize, the Telefónica Award, the STAWAG Award, the Trianel Award, and ABB Prize, and the Viktor and Mirka Pollak Prize from the proRWTH association.