Heitfeld Awards for Junior Researchers at RWTH Aachen


The Professor Dr. Karl-Heinrich Heitfeld-Stiftung annually awards the Heitfeld Award to Master's and doctoral graduates from the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering for outstanding achievements. This year, the award ceremony took place for the 21st time.

  The award winners present their certificates Copyright: © Martin Lux Dr. Achim Thomas Mester, Anna Lewin and Paul Jaroslaw Jelen receive their award certificates. RWTH Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg, Dean Wolfgang Bleck, Professor Thomas R. Rüde and Dr. Michael Heitfeld congratulate the award winners.

Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg started off the celebratory event at the SuperC. Professor Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Bleck, Dean of the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering, handed out the certificates to the graduates.

Dr. Achim Thomas Mester received the award for his outstanding doctoral thesis; Paul Jaroslaw Jelen and Anna Lewin were honored for their Master's theses.

The Professor Dr. Karl-Heinrich Heitfeld-Stiftung was founded by the professor emeritus of engineering geology and hydrogeology and his wife in 1995. The recipient of the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany was appointed professor at RWTH Aachen in 1970. In March 1990, he retired after 20 years. During this time he significantly contributed to the development of engineering geology in Germany.