#RWTHhilft Fundraising Campaign Continues


The fundraising campaign to support RWTH students during the coronavirus crisis is being continued.


When the coronavirus pandemic started affecting the everyday lives of students back in March, RWTH, together with AStA Students’ Committee, and the Rectorate started the #RWTHhilft campaign. It was apparent that RWTH students would run into difficulties during the summer semester and beyond due to the new financial situation. Thanks to numerous donations, the sponsoring association proRWTH was able to award bridging scholarships amounting to a total of 50,320 euros to 86 different students. Donations came from companies, university members, alumni, residents of Aachen, members of proRWTH, and other groups.

Due to the unchanged pandemic situation, AStA has once again received numerous requests for bridging scholarships, which indicates the difficulties that many students are continuing to face. In this context, the #RWTHhilft fundraising campaign will be continued, so that many applicants can receive fast and direct support.
Students can apply for the bridging scholarship on AStA’s website. Information about the campaign on the proRWTH website.

Donation Account Details

proRWTH | Freunde und Förderer der RWTH Aachen e. V.
IBAN: DE36 3905 0000 0000 0159 41 (Sparkasse Aachen) | BIC: AACSDE33
Reference: "Überbrückungsstipendium"

Source: Press and Communications