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Bending and Breaking

Fine motor skills are indispensible for dentists. Some universities in Germany and Austria even test students' skills in aptitude tests. RWTH Aachen does not take the results of such tests into cnosideration when allocating study placements. However the bending exercises lend themselves to testing yourself.

In the tests wire must be bent exactly according to the model. Those who are interested to try it out without exam stress and who wish to improve their fine motor skills can use the videos above.

The films offer the perfect opportunity to practice before taking up studies. You just have to acquire the material.

Regular needlenose pliers, for example those at a home improvement store, work just fine. The pliers should be a total of 14 centimeters long.

Rod wire, such as chromium or menzanium wire, with the following properties should be used: spring-tempered, diameter of 0.8mm, 150mm long. You may be able to find suitable wire in a dental lab. It's always worth asking. You can also use this supplier.