Acoustical Experts Meet in Aachen for DAGA 2016 Conference


RWTH Aachen will host the 42nd Annual Conference of the German Acoustical Society, taking place between March 14 and 17, 2016.


This year, the Annual Conference of the German Acoustical Society, DAGA for short, is hosted by the RWTH Institute of Technical Acoustics headed by Professors Michael Vorländer and Janina Fels. In more than 500 conference contributions, DAGA 2016 will present and discuss current developments and research results in the field of acoustics, including applications in medicine, automotive engineering, and noise research.

On Monday, March 14, there will be three pre-conference workshops which demonstrate the broad range of acoustical research and teaching conducted at RWTH Aachen: Professor Michael Vorländer will hold a session on “Virtual Acoustics,” discussing and showcasing new methods for the generation of virtual acoustic environments. Professors Janina Fels (Medical Acoustics) and Iring Koch (Cognitive and Experimental Psychology) jointly offer a workshop titled “Auditive Cognition Under Complex Listening Conditions in Noise,” while Professor Klaus Genuit’s workshop will be concerned with Vehicle Acoustics.

Company Exhibition and Cultural Program

Between March 15 and 17, the conference is accompanied by an exhibition with 60 company booths, which allows networking between researchers and practitioners and make it possible for companies to showcase their products and services.

Furthermore, the “Young Professors Meeting” gives students and doctoral candidates the opportunity to network and exchange ideas and experiences.

The cultural program includes visits to relevant companies in the Aachen region, a social evening at the Ludwig Forum for International Art, an organ recital at Aachen Cathedral, and a guided tour of the aixCAVE virtual reality chamber at RWTH Aachen’s IT Center.

For detailed information, please visit the DAGA 2016 conference website.


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