Vocational Training at RWTH Successfully Completed

Gruppenfoto Auszubildende © Martin Lux

68 apprentices at RWTH Aachen received their completion certificates. In a graduation ceremony, Heinz Gehlen from the Aachen Chamber of Commerce IHK and Werner Möller, director of the RWTH Human Resources Department, congratulated the recipients.


Markus Alexander Eltester, Michelle Maaßen, and Lena Ronkartz completed their vocational training to become chemical laboratory assistants.

Christopher Derdak, Jan Niklas Frantzen, Tom Krickel, Dario Rosenwick, Kai Störling, and Yannic Windeln are now industrial mechanics. They have completed their vocational training in combination with the dual course of study "Mechanical Engineering PLuS" at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

René Bücken, Florian Bernd Graetsch, Nico Herpers, Marko Michael Krause, Thomas Paulus, Sven Rosenstengel und Rainer Schillings are now electricians for devices and systems.

Daniel Dusella, Andreas Christopher Kaluza, Marc Manzoni, and Christoph Wirtz all passed the final exam for the IT specialist vocation with a focus on application development.

Pascal Lawitzky, Jens Schmitz, and Daniel Thielking were trained to become IT specialists with a specialization in system integration.

The largest group of successful apprentices was in the vocation industrial mechanic, with graduates Georg Antipow, Florian Thomas Blunck, Flakron Demaj, Pavlo Dräger, Philipp Fabian Emunds, Martin Egon Hugo Franz, Sven Hahnengreß, Michael Lambert Heinrichs, Lucas Heitzer, Patrick Henseler, Michele Philipp Herzog, Jannis Künzer, Christoph Achim Küpper, Robin Lohn, Luca Massimiliano Mertens, Fabian Gabriel Obstoj, Swen Randerath, Christian Schlieker, Tobias Björn Schneider, Tobias Simons, Lubisa Stojanovski, Marlon Vaehsen, Jens Weuffen, Christopher Franz Wöll, David Zanders, and Marc Andre Zarte.

Shila Daniela Djahanbani, Vanessa Hensen, Ann-Christin Herber, Claudia Jansen, Miriam Ludwigs, Madita Mannheims, Susanne Maria Saar, Daniel Schmiedel, and Jennifer Wagner are now management assistants for office communication.

Sascha Alois Brühl received his completion certificate in automotive mechatronics engineering.

Lukas Berard and Sophie Schwan are now technical production designers.

Lukas Schüller has completed his training as textile laboratory assistant, and Thomas Lang is now a materials tester.