RWTH Supports GUtech


RWTH’s Step2Future project supports the further development of GUtech. Furthermore, the universities are undertaking joint projects in teaching and learning.


Supported by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, the Step2Future project sets out to strengthen German-Omani relations at the academic, economic, and cultural levels and to support RWTH’s partner university, the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech), in its further development.

The Rector’s Delegate for Collaboration with the Arab States, Professor Robert Schmitt, Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management, is in charge of the bilateral project. Another initiative, jointly carried out with Professor Heribert Nacken, Rector’s Delegate for Digitalization and Blended Learning, is concerned with implementing innovative digital teaching projects at GUtech.

As a result of the collaboration, in the summer months, GUtech students had the opportunity to complete virtual internships at RWTH, which made it possible for them to gain valuable hands-on experience despite the limitations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. As part of their projects, the interns sought to develop solutions to research problems in their respective academic fields.

Internship placements were offered by the Laboratory for Production Engineering and Machine Tools WZL, the Energy & Mineral Resources Group EMR, the International Economics Research Unit, the Chair of Fluid Process Engineering, and the Chair of Urban Design.

“We would like to thank the contributing RWTH institution for their valuable efforts under difficult conditions,” says Professor Ute Habel, RWTH’s Vice-Rector for International Affairs. Professor Armin Eberlein, GUtech’s Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, adds: “Our students had the chance to get involved in challenging projects and to make contacts with students and faculty from RWTH. For them, it was a great experience.”

The universities collaborate on several initiatives, including large-scale research projects. RWTH students have the opportunity to complete internships at GUtech, and there are mutual visits between faculty members. “We are fortunate to have such a partner on the Arabian Peninsula, and we encourage our students and researchers to use these opportunities offered by our partnership with GUtech,” says RWTH Rector Ulrich Rüdiger.