Alumni Get Together at Westfalian Light Specialists


Following the suggestion of Dr. Tobias Wartzek, System Manager in Light Electronics at Hella KG Hueck & Co. in Westfalian Lippstadt, RWTH alumni in the region recently came together for the first time.

  RWTH Alumni at the tour of the Lichtkanal Copyright: © Jürgen Krüger RWTH Alumni tour the Lichtkanal

The occasion for the get together was a tour of the Hella Lichtkanal. 140 meters long and eleven meters wide, it is the largest lab, in which innovative headlights and signaling systems are developed.

Dr. Karsten Eichhorn, head of Development Lighting Technology Functional Support, presented developments in the field of headlights to the alumni: from the yellow-like light of the halogen lights of VW Bug to LED headlights similar to daylight – partially with camera-based control.

The newest technical developments were particularly impressive. They are able to prevent being blinded by an oncoming vehicle by partially obscuring one's own light beam when using one's brights.

  Lichtkanal Copyright: © HELLA Innovative headlights and signaling systems are developed in the HELLA Lichtkanal.

At the beginning company representative Dr. Markus Richter greeted the guests at the Hella Globe conference center nextdoor and introduced the family business with its approximately 32,000 employees in over 100 cities in more than 35 countries. The HELLA corporation specializes in innovative light systems and automotive electronics. As a leader in technology it has been an important partner to the automotive industy for more than one hundred years. The get together ended with a relaxing dinner at the Hella Globe.