Chinese Consul General Makes Inaugural Visit to RWTH


In December 2015, Premier Hannelore Kraft and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi opened the new Chinese Consulate General in Düsseldorf. Now, the new consul general, Feng Haiyang, has made his inaugural visit to RWTH Aachen accompanied by Consul Han Dongsheng and Consular Attaché Yan Xiwen.

  Group photo with the Chinese consul general Copyright: © Xiwen Yaan

During the inaugural visit Feng first met with RWTH Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg for an hour. The consul general emphasized that RWTH has an outstanding reputation in China and that he's proud so many Chinese students and doctoral candidates pursue studies at the Aachen university each year. Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg highlighted that the 1,472 Chinese students and doctoral candidates enrolled for the 2015/16 winter semester at RWTH are by far the largest group among the approximately 7,900 international students.

The rector confirmed RWTH Aachen's high profile in China. As a member of Federal Minister of Education Johanna Wanka's delegation to Beijing and Shanghai in January, he was repeatedly greeted by Chinese alumni of RWTH, who proudly reported about their studies or stay at RWTH. The Aachen university has maintained intensive, trusting parternships with Chinese partner universities for a long time. Particular emphasis should be placed on the double Master's program, which has existed since 2001, and the strategic partnership with Tsinghua University in Beijing from 2013.

After speaking with the rector, the consul general met with Chinese students, doctoral candidates, and academic staff members. The meeting was organized by the association of Chinese researchers and students in Aachen, the Verband der Chinesischen Wissenschaftler und Studenten in Aachen, VCWSA for short. Consul General Feng answered attendees' questions about security in Germany and internship and employment opportunities in Germany. He expressed his hope that young students and doctoral candidates actively integrate themselves into their host country's society aside from their studies. Feng further stated that he and his staff at the Consulate General Düsseldorf will remain in close contact with all Chinese students and will continue the good exisiting collaboration with RWTH Aachen in order to consistently improve the framework conditions for Chinese students in Aachen.

Source: Press and Communications