Optional Components

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Various different activities, further training, and voluntary work related to an international or intercultural field count as optional components. The activities must last for a total of at least 8 hours and must be documented in the form of certificates of participation, certificates, business trip applications or similar.


The following list is exemplary but not exhaustive:

  • Stay abroad (if this is not a selected compulsory module for you)
  • Staff Mentor activity (if this is not a selected mandatory module for you)
  • Individual language tandem, group language tandem, or language lessons for colleagues
  • Voluntary work in an intercultural or international field
  • Attendance of a further education or an external training course on an intercultural or international topic
  • Introduction of English-language continuing education or continuing education measures for international university members (beyond the expected offer of the department or institute)
  • Attendance of further foreign languages or intercultural communication courses (not the compulsory module)
  • Organization of international events, lectures, and seminars (outside your own department)
  • Job shadowing at International Office
  • Ambassador for the Certificate International program (you will present your experience in the program here)
  • The ENHANCE Tandem Program. You have the opportunity to get in touch with students from the partner universities and learn Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish or Spanish.