ACTurbo Project House – Aachen Center for Turbomachinery Manufacturing

  Man looking at a machine Copyright: © Peter Winandy

The ACTurbo project house pools and coordinates integrative and interdisciplinary top-level research concerned with the production and repair of turbomachinery. The project house is one of several initiatives of the Production Engineering Profile Area that have been derived from the strategy process. The aim is to implement the general principle of networked adaptive production for the product turbomachine.



Sebastian Barth

ACTurbo Project House Executive Director


+49 241 80 28183



Manufacture of Turbomachines

Production processes of reliable high-performance turbomachines place the highest demands on manufacturing technologies. Turbomachines are indispensable key technologies in our modern industrial society: jet engines of large aircraft, exhaust gas turbochargers for low-emission automobiles, steam turbines for the generation of electricity – all these and many other technical systems in the areas of transportation and energy rely on the application of turbo machines. Due to their central technical significance, improving turbomachines has direct positive effects on costs and environmental impact of the entire system that they are driving. According to recent studies, it is possible to reduce the carbon dioxide emission of current jet engines by 30% by technological optimization.

Research Along the Value Chain

However, this interdisciplinary research approach must be oriented towards the value chain. This is necessary to meet future calls for increased efficiency, reduced emissions, and increased product lifetime. Industrial feasibility and adherence to official regulations are important boundary conditions in the manufacture of turbomachines, which must be considered at the outset of the research process. This transdisciplinary research approach followed in the project house implements the guiding principle of networked adaptive production.

The ACTurbo project house is Aachen's central hub for actors in research, industry and official bodies in the field of turbomachine manufacturing.