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On May 14, 2016, in Aachen, the 48th annual conference of the ATA, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Technischer Dezernate und Abteilungen – the Consortium of Technical Departments and Divisions – at scientific universities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. The conference is organized by and held annually by a university, this year by RWTH and University Hospital Aachen.


The ATA aims to create an information forum for the technical departments responsible for facilities management and to promote an exhcange of experiences at the managerial level. The consortium's operational management and experienced members determined current topics and selected speakers in advance of the multiday event. This primarily includes project and process control as well as corresponding controlling and cost management. Additionally, Ruhr University of Bochum reported on its crisis management during a power outage lasting 20 hours.

RWTH Aachen presented its safety measures on campus and the benefit of inventory insurance in the event of a large fire. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz described the advantages of integrating users in the planning process. Lawyers illustrated the legal foundations of operator responsibility in technical facility management. The program included a tour of the University Hospital on the last day. Additional events accompanying the program included visits to the cathedral, the cathedral treasury, and neighboring countries. The conference was held with the support of many sponsors.

RWTH construction director Gabriele Golubowitsch and Dr. Andrea Stelkens from the Business Direction Staff Unit at the University Hospital were responsible for coordinating the event organization this year. "Thanks to this network, we can influence trends and developments in construction and technology together, we wouldn't be able to alone," summarized both coordinators.

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The heads of the technical departments at universities in German-speaking countries met in RWTH Aachen for the ATA conference.

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