New Role Models to Fight Lack of Skilled Workers

Two girls and a man sitting at a desk Copyright: © Denise Krentz

During "Girls'Day und Boys'Day 2016" the state secretary of the Federal Ministry of Family, Seniors, Women, and Youth, Dr. Ralf Kleindiek, visited RWTH Aachen.


During the event at RWTH participating boys could sample internships in the daycare centers and the library and attend the workshop "Babysitter-Diplom." The objective was to offer a glance at fathers' roles and social skills that are important for occupations in education and nursing but that aren't just for women. The twelve boys gained initial experience in caring for infants, learned various games and ways to occupy children, thus acquiring a look into the responsibilities of a childcare provider and role of fathers. "The Girls'Day and Boys'Day pulls the plug on prejudices when choosing an occupation or studies," emphasized the State Secretary. "The girls' and boys' great interest confirms that the way of thinking is changing. The time of women's and men's jobs is over."

Kleindiek built Lego robots with some girls in the computer science taster course "Bringing Mini Robots to Life" and encouraged them to independently discover their environment." Limited career fields no longer reflect the desires and potential of young people, let alone the realities of the job market. The entire spectrum of occupations must be open to all. This is the only way equal opportunities can be present when selecting an occupation or studies, which then promotes equal pay between men and women." The percentage of new female students in computer science at RWTH was only 15 percent for winter semster 2015/2016.

The day of action promotes the potential and strengths of young people, offers an initial glance at the professional world, and helps young women and men professionally orient themselves. Companies, organizations, operations, and institutions offer 130,000 jobs to girls and boys annually. This year at RWTH Aachen there were 37 offers for 369 girls and three offers for 30 boys.