Research Needs Management


Successful research increasingly requires professional management, regardless of whether it is conducted at universities, research institutions, or companies. The increasing relevance of external funding as well as of strategic processes and collaborations call for highly qualified experts in research, development, and management. Thus it becomes necessary to integrate expert knowledge and competencies in application. To address these new requirements, starting in September 2016, the RWTH Aachen International Academy will offer a new part-time course of study for professionals, titled “RWTH Research Manager.”


The course seeks to develop competencies in strategic and innovation management, HR management, finance, marketing, project controlling, technology transfer, and quality management. The modular structure of the course makes it possible for participants to put special emphasis on particular course contents.

The program is targeted at employees at universities, research institutions, and scientific organizations, who are involved in research and development, coordinate research projects or teams, or develop research management strategies.

As Professor Torsten-Oliver Salge, head of the Innovation, Strategy and Organisation Group at RWTH Aachen University, explains, “Course participants from research and industry will develop a broad spectrum of competencies, as the program includes both research-focused and management-oriented components. This combination provides participants with an excellent qualification that opens up new career perspectives in both research and industry.”

Professor Doris Klee, Vice-Rector of Human Resources Management and Development, is convinced of the educational value of the new program: “The practice- and application-oriented continuing education program prepares graduates to enhance their current scope of activities. The combination of different teaching methods and the flexibility in the choice of modules make the continuing education program highly attractive.”

Integrated Transfer Project and Personal Coaching

The integrated transfer project should be of particular value to program participants, as they are able to apply the taught content and methods to address actual challenges in research and industry. Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to take part in personal coaching sessions. Dagmar Grübler, head of RWTH’s Center for Professional Leadership, emphasizes the value of personal supervision and guidance for participants, as the coaching addresses both personal and career development needs.

After successful completion of the program, participants receive the “RWTH Research Manager” expert certificate, which is worth 25 credit points. The certificate lists the learning outcomes as well as the qualifications achieved.