Herzrasen kann man nicht mähen


Emerging cardiologist and science slammer Johannes Hinrich von Borstel is presenting a show on June 9, 2016 about our most important organ: the heart.

  Johannes Hinrich von Borstel Copyright: © Nadine Städtner

In an average lifespan our our heart beats about three billion times, pumping a total of 200 million liters of blood through our body. Johannes Hinrich von Borstel, a budding cardiologist, aside from one of the best science slammers in Germany, is fascinated by this muscle's abilities. His show is an entertaining introduction to our cardiovascular system. Additionally, you will learn what a healthy heart needs more than anything else: lots of sex. Johannes Hinrich von Borselt can also dance out heart diseases and present ideal reanimation to the rhythm of Highway to Hell. In short: the perfect combination of entertainment and knowledge transfer.

The event is Thursday, June 9, 2016, at 6:30pm at 6:30pm in the Theatersaal at Mensa Academica, Pontwall 3. Tickets cost four Euros both in advance and at the box office and can be bought from the RWTH AStA, the Mayersche Buchhandlung, and the evening box office.

Johannes Hinrich von Borstel is available for interviews before and during the event. Please send request to the RWTHextern Citizens' Forum: +49 241 80 93681.

Source: Press and Communications