Discovery Tours: RWTH Aachen Campus


RWTH Aachen invites all interested citizens to participate in a discovery tour of the RWTH Aachen campus areas in Seffent and Melaten.


The tour will include new and established buildings and their uses as well as an overview of the area. Descriptions of the activities taking place on the RWTH Aachen Campus boulevard will also be provided.

Each tour begins at the corner of Sommerfeldweg and Seffenterweg, between the Institute of Plastics Processing, IKV, and the Institute of Automotive Engineering, IKA.

Tours will take place on June 9, June 11, June 23, and June 25, 2016, starting at 2:30pm. Participation is free of charge.

Groups are limited to a maximum of 25 people. For this reason, we ask that you register beforehand, via or by phone at +49 241 80 93681 oder +49 241 80 93888.