FAMOS für Familie 2016


Six RWTH Managers Honored for Their Family-Friendly Management

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Over the past months all RWTH Aachen employees had the opportunity to nominate their managers for the ninth call of the award FAMOS für Familie. The award honors individuals who have made particular efforts in family-friendly management, sustainable leadership, healthy work-life balance, and creativity in the workplace. The jury is composed of representatives from the Rectorate, Equal Opportunities Office, the Integration Team – Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management, IGaD, and the staff councils.


This year professors André Bardow from the Chair of Thermodynamics, Sandra Korte-Kerzel from the Chair of Materials Physics, Carmen Leicht-Scholten from the Gender and Diversity in Engineering Research Group, Christian Raabe from the Historic Building Conservation and Research Teaching and Research Area, and Uwe Reisgen from the Chair and Institute of Welding and Joining were honored as well as Dr. Sabine Vogel from E.ON Energy Research Center.

All of the award recipients have demonstrated a great degree of family-friendly management. This was evident through, for example, the establishment of parent-child offices, flexibility in the working hours for parents and those caring for a family member, and the possible use of home office, part time work models, and, in case of emergencies, a family-friendly attitude.

"The award FAMOS für Familie is a good instrument for highlighting our University's family-friendliness," said RWTH Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven, while handing out the certificates. "Not least because of this family-friendliness, RWTH succeeds in attracting outstanding researchers to Aachen." The recipients receive a certificate, a glass cube, and a check for 500 Euros, which is to be used for a team activity.

Award Recipients

"Professor André Bardow gives parents leeway to accommodate both their families and careers," empasize his coworkers. He makes it possible for them to arrange their work hours based on childcare and offers them possibility to work from home. If parents cannot care for their children for professional reasons, he offers support with regards to the childcare.

Professor Sandra Korte-Kerzel takes an active interest in her coworkers' life situations, as was illustrated by them. She supports home office, which has been successfully implemented for one year and will be continued. If there are problems with childcare, quick solutions are always found for the staff. Furthermore, Professor Korte-Kerzel serves as a role model herself, balancing family and her career.

Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten values balancing family and career. She gives consideration to her team members' individual life situations and supports them with flexible working models. She has also made it possible to work from home. Her coworkers call her a trustworthy person, whose support they can all rely on, and who always looks for a solution, especially in emergencies.

Professor Christian Raabe creates a family-friendly atmosphere with his positive attitude towards family and career. "We feel we're taken seriously when it comes to family matters," emphasize his coworkers. Professor Raabe regularly asks how their families are and whether the work times are compatible with the childcare. He makes an effort to improve contracts and when there are difficulties with childcare he reacts sympathetically and accommodatingly.

Professor Uwe Reisgen pays attention to the balance between familiar and professional interests within his team. He encourages his staff to balance family and career. By doing so, he creates a family-friendly work climate. He places great value on family and fully supports each coworker," emphasized his coworkers. He suports parents with individual work time regulations and the possibility to work from home.

Dr. Sabine Vogel always has a sympathetic ear for her coworkers and takes the time to find solutions together when problems occur, "even in stressful situations," her coworkers report. A balance between all areas and treating all coworkers equally are aspects she implements for her coworkers. This year she also established a parent-child office, which is used a great deal.

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