Humboldt Research Award Recipients at RWTH




Carsten Bolm

Managing Director


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The RWTH Aachen Institute of Organic Chemistry is receiving reinforcements. Professor Masahiro Muira from Osaka University, Japan, and professor Peter Wipf from the University of Pittsburgh, USA, both recipients of the renowned Humboldt Research Award, will be joining the research team. Professor Carsten Bolm, managing director of the Institute, is responsible for the addition of the visiting researchers.

  Professor Masahiro Miura Copyright: © private Professor Masahiro Miura, Osaka University, Japan

Professor Dr. Masahiro Miura – Osaka University, Japan

Professor Miura is well known for his innovative methdos and novel strategies in organometallic chemistry. In 2015, the scientist was awarded with the Humboldt Research Award. On June 22, 2016, the chemist will begin his stay at RWTH. In his collaboration wtih professor Bolm at RWTH focus will be placed on the development of new synthetic methods for targeted CH-bond functionalizations of complex organic molecules.

  Professor Peter Wipf Copyright: © private Professor Peter Wipf, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Professor Dr. Peter Wipf – University of Pittsburgh, USA

Professor Wipf is known for new strategies for the acquisition of complex natural substances. The scientist's medical-chemical approaches led to the development of an anti-tumor compound, which is currently in Phase II clinical studies. In 2014, the chemist received the Humboldt Research Award. Professor Wipf will begin his stay at RWTH on August 1, 2016. He will collaborate with professor Bolm to investigate new synthetic methods.

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