Guidelines for Quality Management in Teaching and Learning


On April 21, 2016, the Senate has approved the implementation of the Quality Management in Teaching guidelines developed by the QMS-L working group. The quality criteria arrived at represent the University’s understanding of good teaching and learning and include the quality targets approved in 2014.

The guidelines include, among other content, the so-called quantitative reference values and qualitative indicators. The latter are included as quantitative measures alone cannot capture what constitutes “good” teaching and learning. Both types of measure seek to make quality in tecaching measurable and help to verify whether quality objectives have been attained.

The results of the three-year Quality in Teaching process shall be made available to the faculties and departments, in the form of a so-called data cockpit. This data cockpit shall serve as a tool to facilitate and enhance quality management processes at the faculty and departmental level.

The results are currently being applied in a pilot project in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor) and Production Engineering (Master) courses of study are currently undergoing an assessment based on the newly developed quality objectives.

The new process can be seen as a further development of existing teaching and learning evaluation processes. As part of the system accreditation process, accredication of individual programs may become redundant in the future.

The team responsible for quality Management at RWTH Aachen University is led by Professor Aloys Krieg, the University’s Vice-Rector for Teaching. It receives support from Division 6.2 Teaching & Learning and the Chair of Metrology and Quality Management headed by Professor Robert Schmitt.