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Free movers are students, who organize and finance their study abroad themselves. The stay does not take place through a RWTH Aachen University partnership program. This is also the case, for example, when the university you want to study at, is not a partner of RWTH.

Any student can apply as a free mover to the foreign university of their choosing.

It is important that you prepare and establish contact early on – about twelve months before your plan to begin your stay. This way, you can be certain that you have met all the deadlines of your target university.


  • Freely choose the target university
  • Freely choose the duration of the stay

More Effort

  • Independent organization of the stay, meaning choosing the target university, establishing contact, completing and sending the application, searching for accommodations, and more
  • Independent financing of the stay. You are responsible for any tuition fees.

You can also apply for scholarships as a free mover.


All mobilities of the RWTH Aachen University are stored centrally in the International Office for statistical purposes in a database. Please register your Freemover-Mobility. The registration takes about five minutes.

Financing Possibilities