2016 Schüßler Prize Awarded


The Schüßler Prize was awarded for the twenty-second time at RWTH. This study prize is annually awarded by the engineering company Schüßler-Plan together with RWTH. It honors excellent academic performance and promotes budding civil and industrial engineers with a 5,000 Euro scholarship for study abroad.

  Group photo at the award ceremony Copyright: © Martin Lux Norbert Schüßler (left) and Professor Hegger, vice-dean at the RWTH Faculty of Civil Engineering (right) award RWTH students Nicolas Pauen and Matthias Rüthers the 2016 Schüßler Prize.

This year the prize was awarded to Nicolas Pauen and Matthias Rüthers, both industrial engineering students with a specialization in civil engineering at RWTH. The award recipients were selected based on their outstanding academic performance and their social involvement.

"The Schüßler Prize has been awarded since 1995. Both the professional world and academic demands have greatly changed over time, especially through digitalization," said Norbert Schüßler, CEO of Schüßler-Plan. "It is our responsibility to recognize these changes early on and active help to shape them – both in practice and in the promotion of young talent. The fact that two industrial engineering students received the award this year shows that we are aware of and promote the continuously growing interdisciplinarity of our profession."

Source: Press and Communications