Good Academic Start in Engineering


On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, the Student Advice Centre will be holding an info session about "A Good Academic Start to Engineering" from 7:30 to 9pm in Seminarraum I of the ZSB. Registration is not required.


"A Good Academic Start in Engineering" is a collaborative project between the Aachen universities. It offers prospective students the possibility to register for the 2017 summer semester at both universities simultaneously and to attend regular classes. The so called "Semester 0" aims to orient and prepare students. It is not counted towards students' typical length of study, meaning it does not count as the first core semester. Failed attempts are also not recorded during this semester. However, exams that students pass can be applied to a student's later studies at FH or RWTH.

This allows participants to try out studies and find out which university and which subject are best suited to them before needing to decide and apply for a study spot for the 2017 winter semester. Additionally, there is a comprehensive framework program, which teaches central content – such as math – and student mentoring, which supports students with organizing their everyday life.

There are 200 spots available. Registration is expected to open in October 2016 at Guter Studienstart. The student advice centers of both universities are accepting reservations at .

Source: Press and Communications