Strategic Partnership Between RWTH Aachen and IITM Madras


The partnership receives funding from the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD.


The partnership between the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, IITM for short, and RWTH Aachen reached a new peak on September 6 and 7, 2016: 15 IITM professors met with their RWTH partners from 18 institutes for a two-day kick off workshop in the SuperC. Participants discussed road maps for joint projects in the fields of engineering, energy, materials science, medical engineering, environmental engineering, and biology.

Discussions about the potential of collaborations in the field of entrepreneurship, digital teaching, networking student initiatives, alumni work, and student exchanges supplemented the program.

The workshop was the kick off to a new four-year funding program that both partners attracted from the DAAD and the Indian University Grant Commission, UGC for short. Both partners will have 400,000 Euros available to them up until 2020.

The goal is to intensify the exchange of students, doctoral candidates, and researchers as well as to organize joint workshops, courses, conferences, summer schools. Furthermore, the partnership has a focus on networking with non-university partners and the construction of joint infrastructures for an institutionalized partnership.

Source: Press and Communications