Jointly Creating the School of the Future


Under the motto of "Future Lab – Jointly Creating the School of the Future,” the 2016 Aachen Pedagogy Day will be held on November 18, 2016, at the KHG University Community.



Jana Zimmermann

Collaboration Manager


+49 241 80-99237



The collaborative initiative seeks to create a foundation on which future educational worlds can be built. To achieve the goal of making knowledge tangible for pupils and sustainably effective, the exchange of expertise and experience between school practice and university teacher training is needed.

Against this backdrop, the 2016 Aachen Pedagogy Day offers an opportunity to learn about collaborative possibilities between schools and universities and to constructively discuss and further develop these possibilities in workshops, in a panel discussion, and at several information booths.

School directors, teachers, and those with an interest in the topic are invited to attend and share their ideas on the further development of education at schools.

The 2016 Pedagogy Day will be held Friday, November 18, at the KHG, Pontstraße 74-76, between 1:30 and 6pm. An overview of Pedagogy Day workshops (de) is available for download.