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The integrated campus management system RWTHonline is meant to support all important areas concerned with the organization of business processes involved with studying and teaching at RWTH Aachen university in the future. In the last couple of months the system, which is based on software from the Technical University of Graz, has been adapted to the specific needs of RWTH Aachen. Now the project leaders are presenting the current state of development at an information event at the SuperC.


"About a year ago we presented the standard software before members of the university. Today we are already looking at a system which is perfectly geared towards the organizational structures of RWTH," project leader Christoph Becker from the IT Center said. In RWTHonline the two big IT systems of Central University Administration on one hand and that of the faculties on the other will be joined. Some interfaces obviously have to be kept active, such as those related to RWTHApp or the teaching and learning portal L²P. "An integrated campus management system, which can be used by students, lecturers and administrative employees alike, decidedly moves us forward in our quality management endeavor," Professor Aloys Krieg, Vice-Rector for Teaching, stressed.

Starting off with two pilot courses of study

Beginning with the 2017/18 winter semester the system will start off with two pilot courses of study: the Bachelor in Chemistry and the Master in Political Sciences. "We have decided on these two courses of study, because they are situated in two different faculties, but are at the same time closely linked to other courses of study," project leader Dr. Marguerite Franssen said. They are also well-suited for a test run, because the number of students enrolled tends to be manageable.

After the presentations of RWTH project leaders, which dealt among others with basic IT issues as well as management processes involved with admissions, lectures and exams, representatives of TU Graz demonstrated how the system could look like in its final version on both desktop and mobile devices.

Up until summer 2018 further functionalities and interfaces will be developed, RWTH-specific information recorded and tests conducted. Furthermore, training sessions for the new campus management system will be carried out. RWTHonline is slated to be implemented across RWTH Aachen in the 2018/2019 winter semester.

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