A Good Academic Start to Engineering


On Wednesday, October 26, 2016, from 7:30 to 9pm, at Seminarraum I of the Central Academic Advising Center, Tempergraben 83, RWTH Aachen will be offering an information event about "A Good Academic Start to Engineering." No registration necessary.


"A Good Academic Start to Engineering" is a shared project of FH and RWTH Aachen, which offers students the opportunity to register for the 2017 summer semester and visit regular classes at both universities. The so-called "zeroth semester" helps students to find their bearings and be more prepared. It is not regarded as the first semester of a degree course, so failed exams won't count towards the final grade. If students pass the exams, however, they can get credit for them at either RWTH or FH, depending on where they decide to continue their studies.

In this way, participants of the program can try out engineering studies and find out which academic institution or degree course best suits their needs before making a final decision and applying for placement in the winter semester. In addition, the program will offer a broad introduction to engineering, featuring key subject matter, such as mathematics, for example. Finally, the students will be guided and supported by mentors, who can also help with the organization of every day student life.

There are 200 available places, which you can register for at the website of the project.

Source: Press and Communications