Exhibition: From Fuming Fafnir to Vehicle of the Future – Aachen and Automobiles


Automobile City? Most think of Wolfsburg or Rüsselsheim in that context. Only very few people know that Aachen was, and is, an important seat of the automobile industry in Germany. The exhibition shows the automobile as important factor of the city's history over the past 120 years. Built around the historical, made-in-Aachen vehicle of the brand Fafnir, old company documents, marketing materials and photos illustrate the exciting early days of our car-dependant society. Models and other media are used to show how engineers imagine the car of the future.


Centre Charlemagne
Katschhof 1
52062 Aachen
Telefon: +49 241 432-4956

Trustees Professor Frank Pohle, Myriam Kroll, Holger Hermannsen, Lars Neugebauer

The following lectures take place in collaboration with RWTH:


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