Family on Campus

  Child plays in a room Copyright: © Benedikt Biesemeier

Certified as a family-friendly university, RWTH Aachen is committed to supporting its employees through various work-life balance measures.


RWTH Navigator

The RWTH Navigator helps you find facilities such as diaper changing tables, a pod for nursing mothers, or parent-child-rooms.


RWTH Navigator Shows Family-Friendly Infrastructure on Campus

The RWTH Navigator gives you a quick overview of the child-friendly facilities at RWTH Aachen University.


Diaper Changing Facilities

Being committed to providing family-friendly study and work conditions, RWTH is proud to offer diaper changing facilities all throughout campus. The specific location of each changing table can be found with the help of our RWTH Navigator by searching for the termWickelraum.

Please note that the changing tables are typically installed in handicap bathrooms, which are locked and can only be opened with a so-called “Euro key.”


Parent-Child Rooms and Parent-Child Offices

Students and staff at RWTH Aachen can care for their children flexibly and on short notice in designated parent-child rooms in a centralized location to the university. Furthermore, in emergencies, they can, upon consultation with Family Services, have their children cared for by others in these designated spaces. In breaks, between lectures or other appointments for instance, children can also play and rollick about in these rooms.

The rooms can accomodate several children, so that parents can support each other by taking turns in caring for the children on one hand and participating in study groups, seminars or meetings on the other hand. Of course, parents can also nurse their babies or change their diapers here.

These bright and colorful rooms furthermore provide a comprehensive collection of toys and children's books in addition to the obvious facilities for the care of the children.

Parent-Child Office

The parent-child office, EKB for short, is, other than the parent-child room, only a temporary support measure particularly for parents of small children. Setting up an EKB – preferably in a individual office – is a way to offer parents the opportunity to bring their children to work with them for a few hours at a time. This is a good option, for instance, for parents returning to work during or after taking parenting time in cases that allow for a reduced presence on site. Supervision and care of the child is the duty of the parent working in the EKB.


Child’s Car Seat Rental

We offer all university members the opportunity to borrow a car seat free of charge for a maximum of seven days.
Various car seats are available for children weighing between 3 and 36 kilograms. You can rent the seats on a daily basis upon prior request.