Personnel Managers Find RWTH Aachen to be Top Notch


Education at the University of Excellence keeps holding top positions in the ranking created by Germany's leading business news magazine Wirtschaftswoche.


The graduates of RWTH Aachen are without question among the favorites of German businesses; so states the newest version of the University Rankings published by the German business journal Wirtschaftswoche. Every year, 500 human resources managers are asked to rank universities according to which university delivers the best education in their opinion. With respect to engineering there is a clear consensus: Applicants from Aachen's University of Excellence are considered to be particularly qualified.

RWTH lands the top spot not only in industrial engineering, but the university ranks first in mechanical engineering and computer science as well. In the past two years, computer science ranked two and three, but this year took first place. In the other ranked subjects electrical engineering and natural sciences, RWTH also performed well by taking third place.

The reason for RWTH Aachen University's good ratings can be seen above all in their focus on digitalisation and technologies of the future, according to the creators of the ranking. They find that the students particularly profit from their teachers' high-quality research abilities as well as their practical approach to matters, because it prepares them for their future professional careers exceptionally well. "Unemployment among our students tends towards zero just a few weeks after graduation," RWTH Rektor Ernst Schmachtenberg is cited as saying by Wirtschaftswoche. He also emphasizes that the students can derive further benefit from his university's cooperations with industry, utilize the latest technologies and gain practical experience early on.

Aachen University's good reputation from businesses' point of view could already be observed in previous rankings. In the past few years, for instance, the departments of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, industrial engineering and natural sciences consistently reached placements in the top three.

Source: Press and Communications