Student Health Week


Keep Fit Through the Exam Period!

Monday, March 1 to Friday, March 5, 2021


Yet another semester that is very different from what students would expect, with "normal" student life out of the question. In addition to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, everyday life is spent more or less sitting down, staring at a screen, and mostly without social contacts and the chats and activities related to that.

For their workshops and lectures, experts from the health sector have put together a few tips on how you can possibly get through these very stressful times a little easier.

Students must register for all the virtual offerings (apart from the AStA games evening). Registration is open from February 22, 2021.


Weekly Program

The events are in German unless otherwise indicated.

Time Monday,
March 1, 2021
Tuesday, March 2, 2021 Wednesday, March 3, 2021 Thursday, March 4, 2021 Friday,
March 5, 2021
10am to 10:45am Workshop in English: Let's Talk About Stress Part I Workshop:
I Am Going to Do It!

I Am Allowed to Think About My Best Interests!


High-Energy People Need a Break Too!

Workshop in English: Let's Talk About Stress Part III
11am to 11:45am Interactive Talk:
Be Happy, Stay Healthy!
12:15pm to 1pm Interactive Talk:
Be Happy, Stay Healthy!
5:15pm to 6pm Workshop: I Am Going to Ace This! Interactive Talk in English:
Be Happy, Stay Healthy!
Workshop in English: Let's Talk About Stress Part II
8pm to 10pm Virtual Games Evening With AStA

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Further Offers

In addition to the offers mentioned above, you can find further helpful tips on a health lifestyle on our Health Partners page.

Those who find exercising helps them relax can check out the University Sports Center's wide range of virtual sports courses held Monday through Friday.

And for those looking for a class at a different time or that covers different forms of movement, the course offerings from the first lockdown period are still available as videos on the University Sports Center website at all times.


Helpful Links From the RWTH Student Advice Centre

In the entertaining film series "Learning How to Learn", the Student Advice Centre has compiled helpful tips on how to structure chunks of learning material and how to successfully create and implement an optimal revision plan to prepare for exams. Why not take a look during a study break?

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