Messages from the Universe and Defensive Greens


At the Science Night, RWTH scientists will once again give insights into their activities in research and teaching at the University. The program has been extended to include 40 talks and presentations as well as scientific experiments, exhibitions, and theater and musical performances.


It's that time of year again: On Friday, November 11, Aachen's university of excellence opens its doors for the RWTH Science Night "5 to 12". From 7pm until midnight there will be an extensive program of articulate and lively contributions on offer to give insights into research and teaching done in the diverse disciplines at RWTH. Since its inception in 2003, the program has steadily grown in popularity, the number of visitors long surpassing the 5000 threshold. This year again, the program can boast of some 40 presentations, promising audiences many thrilling and entertaining moments with live experiments, experiment booths, exhibitions, theater and music.

Society without waste – a fairy tale

As is tradition by now, the event will be opened with a noisy and smelly experimental lecture especially for children, which, this time, is being staged by a student team in the Fo1 lecture hall of the Kármán Auditorium. The newest messages from the Universe are delivered by Professor Thomas Hebbeker at 7:45pm in the Generali Hall of the SuperC. Professor Nils Nießen talks in lecture hall 1 about his vision of the future, where, with the help of IT technology, trains can actually run on time while in the Fo5 lecture hall at the Kàrmàn Auditorium, Professor Ralph Panstruga lauds the defensive actions of green plants and explains how these organisms keep away their foes. Coastal protection made in Aachen is presented by Professor Holger Schüttrumpf at 9:15pm in lecture hall 1 of the Hauptgebäude. Afterwards, in the same lecture hall, Omid Nikoubashman will explain why chickens cannot manage calling anyone while driving. At 9:45pm in lecture hall IV, Professor Hornef will address life among microbes, after Professor Klaus Reicherter's informative lecture about earthquake risks in the Aachen region.

Robots collecting sea-shells at the beach

Science Night would be unthinkable without the very popular physics fair in the Kármán Auditorium – and right accross the street, in the Hauptgebäude, visitors can opt for some late night shopping choosing among different hip RWTH designs. Biologists will enlighten us with their exhibits not only about the ultimate strength of bamboo, which is even higher than steel, but also deal with the presence of genes in food and warn us about malaria pathogens. In the Kármán Auditorium, students' autonomous robots will present a hilarious sight as they are collecting sea-shells and building sand castles. The Formula student team will bring its newest bolide to gape at, the "Studieren ohne Grenzen" club will report on capacity building and a lazer show will magically create fantastical sculptures.

Due to the fact that the Science Night program has been spatially extended quite a bit, there will furthermore be the chance to find out about drones in a wind canal, disposal technologies or the newest welding techniques by means of laser beams, all in the core area of the university.

Battles of Knowledge

Be it before or after midnight, of course there will be no shortage of the arts, history or music: The English-language theatre troupe Actor's Nausea will make their way through the Hauptgebäude to present short scenes that are true to the motto "Say Goodbye the English Way." Diverse soundscapes can be experienced with performances of the Collegium Musicum and University Choir, students of the Aachen University of Music and RWTH Bigband rounded off by the scratching efforts of RWTH professors acting as DJs.

Fans of the Science Slam should be quick to secure a seat in the great lecture hall of the Audimax: Starting at 7:30pm the science battle will begin – students, employees and teachers of RWTH will try to present their research topics in the most entertaining, pointed and intelligible way. RWTH chancellor Manfred Nettekoven will moderate the event and help the audience to choose a winner.

Food and drink will be provided by the team of BarMuseo. The complete program of RWTH Science Night can be found as a brochure (de) or online.


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