Film Series: “Learning How to Learn”


How do you create a study plan? How do you prepare for a difficult exam? What can you do to cope with extensive course material? How do you plan your time when preparing for an exam? The film series “Learning how to Learn” accompanies three students in preparing for important exams and shows different approaches to creating a study plan.


The films are licensed under the CC-BY-NC-ND license.



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The first film introduces the topic and presents the difficulties and some typical mistakes in revision planning.


As Time Goes By

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The second film covers the first three activities of the so-called ALPEN method, showing how to best get an overview of the learning material, set a timetable for study, and add buffer times to allow for adjustments.


Decision or Collision

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The third film deals with the problem of too much learning material in the time available. The fourth activity of the ALPEN method shows how to set priorities with the help of the Eisenhower method.


Time is on my Side

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The fourth film shows how to schedule short breaks into your study time and find the right balance between learning and relaxing.



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The last film summarizes the main points of the film series.