Alumni Presentation at the Science Night: The "Help for Syria" Initiative

Dr. Adnan Wahhoud among medical supplies for Syria Copyright: © privat

About one year ago, the refugee situation was the dominating topic in Europe. At RWTH Aachen, several student initiatives were established to support the refugees in the region.


In February, the AStA Student Union organized a fair for refugees, which gave support and humanitairan aid organizations the opportunity to present their activities to a broader audience. Furthermore, educational and research insitutions joined forces to support the refugees: RWTH Aachen, for example, collaborates with Kiron University in Berlin, with the aim to enable refugees to take up studies at University and participate in massively open online courses.

  In many cities and villages in Syria, people are living among ruins.

Several RWTH alumni provided support for the student initiatives, and some initiated their own projects. One example is the support project by Dr. Adnan Wahhoud, a Syrian-born engineer who studied textile engineering at RWTH Aachen's Institute of Textile Technology. During the civil war in Syria, he established the so-called "Lindauhilfe for Syria." Several times a year he has been travelling to his home country, often under hazardous conditions, to supply different first aid stations with medical supplies.

On Friday, November 11, 2016, Dr. Adnan Wahhoud will give a presentation on his activities and the situation in Syria. A part of the RWTH Science Night program, the event will take place in lecture hall Fo3 of the Kármán-Auditorium.

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Dr. Adnan Wahhoud among medical supplies for people in Syria.