The "Wavering West" – Lecture by Udo Di Fabio


The unexpected outcome of the presidential election in the United States underscores the topicality and urgency of the content of Udo Di Fabio’s guest lecture: the former judge at the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany will talk about our Western model of society as well as its current challenges and opportunities for the future.


In this year's Leonardo Lecture, titled "The Wavering West," Professor Di Fabio lays out the concepts of man and the world that guide us. Furthermore, he argues why Western achievements, such as constitutional democracies or the social market, or indeed the personal freedom and dignity of the citizenry, are in danger today. He also shows how we can increase awareness of western strengths in general and the role of Europe in particular and how we can realize the vision of a new model of society.

Even if the United States are not at the focus of his argument, di Fabio also seeks to answer some of today’s pressing questions on the transatlantic relationship between the US and Europe.

The guest lectures takes place on November 15, 2016, at 6pm in the lecture hall Fo2 at the Kármán Auditorium, Eilfschornsteinstraße 15.

Project Leonardo

In 2008, “Project Leonardo“ was established at the initiative of the RWTH Senate and its then chairman, Professor Max Kerner. It was initiated as an educational project to raise the students' awareness of present and evolving challenges confronting our society and to give them the opportunity to gain insights in relevant fields of research outside of their chosen subject.

In past semesters, Leonardo modules have addressed topics such as climate change, the opportunities and problems of globalization, the dialogue of cultures, and the world population and health.

A part of Project Leonardo is the annual Leonardo lecture, outstanding personalities address current challenges for society. Since 2014, the lecture series has been under the patronage of the Rector of RWTH Aachen Unversity.


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