Certificate Program: Fit for internationalization with Certificate International Pro (exclusive for technical and administrative staff)



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Communication and Collaboration, Foreign Languages, Intercultural Competence
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Promote internationalization
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Zertifikat Internationales Pro
RWTH International Office
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Free of charge



The certificate program Certificate International Pro will help you to gain and build upon your international and intercultural experience and expertise. Participants will be actively prepared for new workplace challenges that result from internationalization processes and will be better equipped to successfully work with people from various countries and cultural backgrounds.

The program is composed of six modules that will be completed within approximately one year (maximum two). After successfully completing the required modules, participants will be awarded an official university certificate listing their achievements. Particpants will also receive a one-time €500 monetary bonus which will be paid out with the monthly paycheck.


Successful attainment of Certificate International Pro


Module 1 – Introduction to the Internationalization Strategy at RWTH Aachen University (approx. March 2022)
Interactive workshop focussing on the internationalization strategy at RWTH Aachen University and the key tasks of the International Office. How is internationalization affecting our everyday working lives? Who is responsible for implementing the internationalization strategy and how?

Module 2 – Intercultural Competence Workshop (approx. April 2022)
The intercultural training provides theoretical information and general guiding principles for interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. Key topics are counteracting prejudice, cultural standards and dealing with cultural conflicts. Intercultural competence is an important skill for working in international teams and for any professions which involve regular contact with international students, researchers or partners. The intercultural training is a good way of preparing for spending time abroad and will also allow you to connect with colleagues who are also interested in intercultural topics.

Module 3 – Language course (self-organized)
In cooperation with Division 12.1 Career Development, the Language Center at RWTH offers a broad range of German and foreign language courses. In order to complete Certificate International Pro, you will need to successfully participate in (English) language courses amounting to 48 teaching units, with an attendance rate of 75 %. Other language courses may be considered upon individual consultation. Please register for a language course independently. The Language Center will be happy to advise you. Further information and the current course program can be found here.

Module 4 – Intercultural Competence – Advanced (approx. June 2022)
The advanced intercultural training will build on the knowledge gained in the first training with a specific focus on Chinese and Indian cultures. There is a good reason for focussing on these two regions: China and India are the home countries of a large proportion of our international students and researchers. Furthermore, there is a considerable cultural gap between Western and Asian cultures. The intercultural training will help you to recognize intercultural conflicts and deal with them with the necessary understanding and sensitivity.

Module 5 - Electives (self-organized)
In addition to modules 1-4, you will also need to complete elective activities amounting to a total duration of 8 hours. Various activities with international/intercultural relevance may be recognised, for example external workshops and seminars from the DAAD, additional intercultural trainings, volunteering at events held by the International Office, voluntary activities with an international/intercultural element, organizing international events etc. A self-organized staff mobility (e.g. Erasmus Staff Mobility) or participation in the StaffMentor program can also be recognized as electives, if these are not chosen as the compulsory module 6. You can find further information on the program website. We are happy to advise you.

Module 6

6a) Staff Mobility (self-organized or group mobility)

A stay abroad is one of the best ways to broaden your personal horizon and develop your language and intercultural skills. During an informative mobility workshop, you will learn about the different options and the advantages of staff mobility and will receive practical information on how to apply, finance and organize your stay abroad. The experienced programme and country experts from Division 2.3 - Mobility together with the Travel Mangement Office will provide practical advice, personal accounts and support in planning your trip abroad.

In order to be recognized within the Certificate International Pro program, the stay abroad must last at least 5 days and fulfill the purpose of professional training (e.g. staff training week, job shadowing, participation in workshops and seminars, language courses, or teaching). If interested, a group mobility for participants in the program will be designed and organized in coordination with the group.


6b) StaffMentor program including preparatory training
StaffMentors accompany new international employees and support their so-called mentees during their orientation phase in Aachen and at RWTH Aachen University. After your registration, the Welcome Center for International Researchers will search for a suitable mentee for you and provide you with their contact details. You will stay in contact with your mentee for a period of about 3 months before they come to Aachen and for an initial period once they are here, regularly (in person or virtually), support them with formal and organizational matters and answer questions about life in Aachen.

Through the StaffMentor training you will be well prepared for the job and of course the experienced team of the Welcome Center will assist you with all your questions. The experience as a StaffMentor is a good opportunity to make international contacts and to apply your intercultural skills. Further information and the registration form can be found on the StaffMentor website.

Target Audience

  • Technical and Administrative Employees

Further Information on Target Audience

Certificate International Pro was designed exclusively for administrative and technical staff. Academic staff are encouraged to register for the program Certificate International Compact.

The primary target group are members of staff who regularly advise, provide information, receive or otherwise come into contact with international students, doctoral candidates, researchers or guests, and who currently have only limited international experience in the form of language and intercultural skills, business trips abroad etc.


Date:01/03/2022 to 01/03/2023


Slots:8 up to 16
Registration:Ends 15/12/2021 at 23:59
Registration Period:

01/10/2021 - 15/12/2021