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Academic presentations have become an important and integral part of any researcher's life. Delivering a conference presentation, giving a lecture, or talking at a scientific meeting or workshop is a good opportunity to make research results public and to receive feedback from the academic community. Yet, the success of a presentation depends as much on a professional performance as on the quality of the research. It is through a convincing and skillful performance that presenters can guide their listeners through their research, that the presentation becomes comprehensible and intelligible, and that the results can, thus, be communicated effectively to the audience.


In this workshop, we will discuss how an academic presentation in English can be prepared and developed to achieve the above-mentioned goals. On the one hand, we will detect and analyze various strategies to successfully communicate your research through the use of language, voice, slides, and structural arrangements. On the other hand, the participants will get the opportunity to practice a range of presentation techniques and to receive feedback on their performance. In addition, we will consider any aspects and situations of a presentation that the participants identify as particularly important, tricky, or critical for their success.


The course will be delivered in an online format. It mixes constructive input with group work, individual practice, and plenary discussions. On the final day, the participants will be given the opportunity to deliver a short (ca. 10-minute) presentation on their current research or work in progress and to receive peer and expert feedback as well as suggestions for improvement. This final session can be held in presence by dividing the group smaller groups.


  • understanding the communicative function of presentations;

  • defining the focus and purpose of a presentation;

  • making the structure logically coherent and transparent for the audience;

  • presenting results intelligibly by reducing information;

  • organizing information in a comprehensible manner;

  • developing sensible introductions and conclusions;

  • creating PowerPoint-slides that support the argumentative logic of the presentation;

  • integrating slides adequately into the presentation;

  • applying proper speech patterns of English (such as stress and intonation);

  • being clear and understandable in the presentation of your research;

  • using language and rhetorical devices successfully;

  • activating your audience, keeping them interested, and guiding them effectively;

  • managing critical situations before, during, and after the presentation.

Participation Requirements

This workshop is only for doctoral candidates associated with the Cluster of Excellence "Fuel Science Center".

Target Audience

Doctoral candidates associated with the Cluster of Excellence "Fuel Science Center", including the persons at the locations in Jülich and Mülheim.

Measures to secure the sustainable Transfer of Taught Knowledge / Skills

  • integration of realistic academic scenarios;

  • discussion of the participants' work in progress;

  • opportunities to practice future presentations;

  • expert feedback on one's own sample presentations;

  • peer exchange with colleagues on one's presentation skills;

  • analysis of the presentation habits of the participants;

  • consideration of the participants' experiences with presenting;

  • integration of any issues that the participants consider particularly important or problematic;

  • immediate application of the concepts introduced in the course through practical tasks.

Qualification of the Instructor / Coach

  • M.A. in English Studies (Universität Göttingen / University of California);

  • extensive experience in presenting and publishing research in English internationally;

  • certified trainer for Academic English / English for Academic Purposes (EAP);

  • many years of experience in teaching and coaching Academic Presenting, Writing, and Communicating for junior researchers (doctoral candidates, post-docs, etc.);

  • currently, head of Foreign Languages for Academic Purposes at the Universität Osnabrück and coordinator of ENGLISH+ courses for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers

  • previously, founding director or coordinator of:

  • English workshops for post-graduate researchers (Universität Oldenburg);

  • Program "Scientific English" (Universität Göttingen);

  • International Writing Center (Universität Göttingen).



15.;16; 22.; 23. and 29./30. October

09:00 - 13:00 o'clock each

For the 5th session you will be split in 2 smaller groups and will either participate on 29. 10. or on 30.10.

Course Coordinator:Frank Lauterbach


Participants: up to 15
Registration:Ends 13/10/2020 at 23:59