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Communication and Collaboration, Intercultural Competence
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RWTH is international - the proportion of international students and scientists, professors is constantly increasing. Science is international and English is our language of science. But what about mutual "understanding"? What does professional communication with international students and staff mean? What is "typical German" and therefore seems to be strange for international professors?

Knowledge about people with different cultural imprints serves to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts as well as to promote a predominantly trouble-free coexistence. Every day, you experience situations at university, while traveling or in digital conferences in which this knowledge may be valuable as communication and leadership tools for you: in teaching when dealing with internationally diverse student groups, in research projects with your international doctoral students, postdocs, and research partners or at your institute when leading your international teams.


Communicating professionally internationally - what does this mean for German-speaking professors with international students and staff and for international professors with German-speaking students and staff?

  • Sensitization to perceptions and patterns of interpretation

  • Perception and reduction of prejudices

  • Teaching central models of intercultural pedagogy

  • Non-verbal and verbal communication with and without language barriers at RWTH Aachen University

  • From conflict avoidance to conflict resolution

  • Action orientation in leadership situations in teaching and research

  • Promotion of potentials in cultural diversity at university

  • Collegial exchange


1. Day Workshop

  • Inputs on models of intercultural pedagogy and other topics.

  • A socio-metric exercise on the most important cultural dimensions

  • Short simulations on everyday university encounters

  • Small group work and afterwards evaluation in a plenary session

  • Short interviews on specifics of intercultural communication

Day 2 Exercises and reflection

  • Role plays: Communication in typical situations of everyday teaching and leadership with intercultural partners

  • Reflection discussions


Both "typical German" and behavioral patterns brought from other mother countries may irritate sometimes, unsettle, amuse or even lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. In this seminar you will consciously confront the others and be confronted by them as German and international professors in English and German with bridges and breaking points in culturally diverse living and working together.

  • Examine cultural diversity in its facets in general and at the RWTH in concrete terms,

  • make blind spots in perception and interpretation visible and

  • enlarge the cake of one's own spectrum of action in intercultural coexistence,

  • reflect on typical situations in teaching and research

Measures to secure the sustainable Transfer of Taught Knowledge / Skills

We will develop these measures together. Trainings with other target groups within the RWTH (administration, trainers, students) have been conducted by other trainers and myself for years. More will follow in the coming years. Thus, the sustainability of a trouble-free intercultural coexistence at the RWTH should succeed on all levels.

Qualification of the Instructor / Coach

Markus Reissen M. A.

University degree in Islamic Studies, Ethnology and Philosophy

  • Advanced training as an intercultural mediator in 2003/04

  • Longer study and professional stays abroad in the Middle East and Latin America

  • Ten years of professional practice in project and public relations work with refugees

  • Seven years of professional practice as a specialist teacher for intercultural competence at the Aachener Berufskolleg K1 (vocational college)

  • Teaching assignments and lectureships at universities, the Police Academy of Lower Saxony, the State Social Court of North Rhine-Westphalia and other institutions



10.11.2021 9am to 5pm AND 30.11.2021 9am to 1pm

Course Coordinator:Markus Reissen


Participants:5 up to 15

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