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face to face and online training
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Promote personal development
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The total cost of the training will be shared among the participants and charged to the respective collaborative research center


You are looking for a way to become the leader you really want to be ?

You want to communicate and lead with confidence, authority and ease ?

You want to get rid of the thoughts and feelings of not being enough ?

You want to grow with a group that is supporting you ?

Then this training is for you !

The program is designed to really help you shift the way you think, feel and act.

It will help you to become much more aware of what you can influence and where to put your energy in. The support from the group will be extremely helpful for everyone. You are not alone and you will learn from and with each other.


“If we want to function in a healthy way, we must not be strangers to ourselves” These words from leadership coach Manfred Kets de Vries point to the intention of this leadership training.

If you want to lead others in an effective and healthy way, you have to know yourself and you have to know how to do it. The higher you climb on the organizational ladder, the less you can depend on technical skills and the greater you are in need for effective interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. Even though you probably are not yet at the top of the ladder or even don`t want to be there this is true.

In this training you will learn about effective interpersonal skills and combine them with technical skills in certain areas of leadership.


On each day of the program we will focus on one aspect of essential leadership skills. Each topic contains practices and reflection questions to help participants feel more prepared in their professional life. Leadership is a skill that can be learned. Even if you don`t have any direct reports, you can always lead yourself. When you do this effectively, you create extraordinary results.

  • 07. February 2023: How to master your mindset.

  • 08. March 2023: How to communicate with clarity.

  • 19. April 2023: How to navigate conflict and difference.

  • 16. Mai 2023: How to organize you work and your life.


The effect of the trainings depends on your participation in all 4 days. In between the workshops there will be two zoom meetings to further deepen the content, aks your questions and work individually on your topics.

The sessions will be recorded so you can rewatch them.


Reflection, small group work, exercises in plenary, feedback, theoretical part, embodiment, individual working sessions


    • Develop strategies to shift your mindset from surviving to thriving.

    • Develop a habit of success.

    • Having a clear intention.

    • Learn to listen, reframe and navigate strong emotions.

    • Shadow in conversations and growing through conflict.

    • Be brave and leap into greatness without armour.

    • Prioritize what`s important and eliminate perfectionism.

    • Develop routines that support you in your daily life.

Target Audience

Female scientists who work in research groups (SFB, GRK, IRTG, SPP, FOR) with DFG-Gender equality funds


Leadership Training - How to navigate conflict and difference :

09:30 - 16:00

External registration

Leadership Training - How to organize you work and your life :

09:30 - 16:00

External registration

Course Coordinator:Ellen Gürtler
Slots: up to 12