RWTH Researchers Highly Cited Worldwide


Aachen's Natural Scientists once again belong to the group of "Highly Cited Researchers 2016" according to the international Ranking


With RWTH Professors Carsten Bolm, Dieter Enders, Magnus Rueping and Björn Usadel researchers from Aachen are once again listed in the international citation ranking "Highly Cited Researchers 2016." Bolm and Rueping are both chairs of organic chemistry departments, Enders is senior professor at the same institute and Usadel is chair of the unit of Botany at RWTH. The international ranking commends researchers, whose publications in the natural sciences, the social sciences or in the field of medicine are cited most often worldwide. It is based on the reknowned citation database "Web of Science" compiled by US media cooperation Thomson Reuters.

Citation frequency is an important measure for the influence of a publication on scientific circles. The list shows, how often other fellow researchers cite someone else's publication in their own. Basis of the current ranking were publications from the years 2004 to 2014. Altogether, publications from 22 different areas of research have been evaluated, among them,for instance, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, as well as medicine, psychology and social sciences. More than 3.000 researchers are named, who rank among the "top 1 percent" of the most cited persons in their field of expertise and therefore have the most influence in the world of science on a global scale.

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