Topics and Offers

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The CDS offers doctoral candidates a diverse and comprehensive program of events with regard to the so-called professional skills and helps them get prepared not only for their doctorate work, but also for their later careers within and outside of the scientific community – professionally and in their own personal develpment.

Furthermore, it is possible to participate on selected soft skill trainings offered by Forschungszentrum Jülich as a RWTH doctoral candidate. Please refer to the information sheet on their website.

Excellent research opportunities and responsible promotion of young talent – those are the goals that the CDS aspires to support with its continuous development of qualification offers for doctoral candidates. Apart from facilitating the learning of so-called "professional skills," the CDS has taken on the task of making additional scientific and research-relevant topics available for docotoral candidates.

These topics are:

  • Responsible Research and Innovation, RRI for short, as the key to promoting a science in line with and for society, as well as for generating sustainable solutions to the big global challenges.
  • Scientific Integrity, WI for short, as an ethical fundamental attitude and culture of integrity in scientific work while taking into consideration the special requirements of different specialist disciplines.
  • Research Data Management, FDM for short, as a foundation for scientific achievement and as a base for further research.
  • Interdisciplinarity as a winning combination, utilizing the different approaches, ways of thinking and methods of diverse disciplines and stepping up cross-disciplinary collaborations in new research areas to deal with interdisciplinary topics.
  • Competence in teaching as the ability to support students in their acquisition of subject-specific knowledge as well as the skill of imparting scientific content and causal relations with regard to the most current scientific achievements in a comprehensible manner.

These topics are more and more at the focus of dialogue between universities and research facilities. That is why it is our goal to root them firmly within RWTH by integrating them in our educational offerings for doctoral candidates.