Unveiling the Secrets of Successful Digitalization


On Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 5pm, Professor August-Wilhelm Scheer will speak at Ford hall, SuperC building of RWTH Aachen, Templergraben 57 on the topic of "How to crack the code of successful digitalization." He will use many examples from real life in order to unveil the secrets and to point the way towards a successful approach to matters. Those interested are very welcome to attend. 


Scheer, born in 1941, used to be the director of the Institute for Business Information Systems at Saarland University and is now one of the most influential scientists and entrepreneurs of commercial information technology and the software industry. His books belong to the standard references in the field of business process management. The management tool ARIS for processes and IT, which he developed, is being used in nearly all DAX and midsize businesses in Germany, and also internationally. Scheer is the founder of successful software and consulting companies, which he is also actively involved in. These are, for instance: Scheer GmbH, imc AG, e2e Technologies, IS Predict, Backes SRT und Okinlab GmbH.

In order to promote a research transfer guided by practical thinking, he founded the AWS Institute for Digital Products and Processes GmbH in 2014. As an entrepreneur and protagonist of the German government projects "Industry 4.0" and "Smart Service World," he actively participates in the design of the so-called Digital Economy. Since September 2015, Professor Scheer, together with federal minister professor Johanna Wanka, chairs the IT-Summit platform "Digitalization in Education and Science," established by the federal ministry of education and research. Professor Scheer also happens to be an excellent saxophone player, so he will not only give a lecture but allow the audience a taste of his musical talents as well.

Source: Press and Communications