Workshop: Choosing the Right Degree Program

Thursday, June 29, 2023, 10am to 4pm – in person



Faye Roxana Dollase

Student Advice Centre


+49 241 80 99261



In this online workshop we will be taking a close look at the program selection process and will clarify individual questions regarding the right choice of degree program. In a small group, we will work on various topics interactively, including

  • Decision-making processes
  • Exploration of interests and self-examination and
  • Decision-making aids for the choice of degree program.

In the workshop, participants will receive a tool kit to support them in their own study orientation. Participation is free of charge. We would like to point out that the workshop is only suitable for participants wishing to work on their study decision voluntarily and independently. Please also note that the workshop will be held in German.

The dates do not fit, or the workshop is already full? The General Student Advisory Service of the FH Aachen offers the same workshops.

Overview of the Most Important Details
Target group

School pupils and prospective students with German university entrance qualification certificate


During the workshop, online phases and work phases in the form of individual and group work will alternate.


The workshop can be delivered on a face-to-face basis or digitally via Zoom. The individual dates specify how the workshop will be held. If they take place face-to-face, they will usually be in the rooms of the Central Student Advisory Service.

After participants have registered, they will receive detailed information on the venue (in the case of a face-to-face workshop) or the Zoom link (in the case of an online workshop) as well as further information.

Technology To take part in the online workshop, a stable Internet connection must be guaranteed so that participants are not thrown out of the meeting. A desktop computer, laptop, or tablet would be ideal. Smartphones are not suitable for participation in the workshop.

Registration only by .

Interested school students have the opportunity to participate in the workshop, since it is part of the KAoA program, and may apply for exemption from school attendance for the duration of the workshop.

We will delete all personal data one week after the end of the event.