A Good Academic Start in Engineering – an Informational Event


On Wednesday, January 25th, 2017, from 7:30  to 9pm, an informational event on "The Zeroth Semester: a Project for a Good Academic Start in Engineering" will be offered at Seminar Room I of the Student Advice Center, Templergraben 83, in Aachen. Registration is not required.


"A Good Academic Start in Engineering" is a joint initiative between FH Aachen and RWTH Aachen University, which enables prospective students the opportunity to enroll in both academic institutions at the same time for the duration of the 2017 summer semester in order to visit regular lectures and seminars. The so-called "zeroth semester" allows students to get oriented and prepared, finding out what subjects best suit them without it counting as a regular, first semester. There won't be any failed exams to worry about; however, examinations passed are recognized if the student decides to enroll in that particular degree program at FH or RWTH Aachen at a later time.

Thus participants have the opportunity to find out for themselves which university and what subject best suits them, before they have to decide on and apply for a course of study in the winter semester. Additionally, the project includes a comprehensive framework program, offering important course content – for instance in math – as well as a student mentoring program that provides support in organizational matters of everyday student life.

200 spots are available in the progam – interested students can register now. Further information is available at the A Good Academic Start in Engineering web page.

Source: Press and Public Relations